The Binary Resonant System
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It is my conjecture that the correct phasing of an energy input has been entirely overlooked. The study of the nature of electrical resonance shows a ninety degree oscillation, yet no one has considered to copy this action of nature by using it as an input from a 90 degree phased generator to produce two phases of resonance; one with a full electric field drawing ZERO energy, simultaneous to one with a full magnetic field drawing FULL energy. Furthermore no one has thought to engineer a situation where these two fields can share the same SPACE at right angles, thereby producing a DC pulse at theoretical over unity from the Lorentz interaction. This method then lends itself as means to rectify,or change AC to DC, by field interaction alone without the use of diodes. The ramifications of this are that previously untapped high frequency processes could be made to interact to produce a more usable form of energy. HDN;{formative statement made AUG 98 extracted from defunct message board}

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