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    Boyer's Potato Chips

    Posted by Rich on 7/21/2014, 3:42 pm

    Does ANYONE know where I can get Boyer's Potato Chips??? Any help would be appreciated. I live in Western PA, close to where the chips are produced but not many stores sell them and I cannot find any contact info for the company. I know they are still being made because I see friends snag a bag every once in a while.

    Thank you!

      Re: Boyer's Potato Chips

      Posted by Officer Shitwyck on 8/21/2014, 4:27 pm, in reply to "Boyer's Potato Chips"

      Could Boyer Candies [http://www.boyercandies.com] in Altoona be the distributor? I'm pretty sure they only make candy, but they could possibly distribute other snacks.

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