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    The Snack Artist from Safeway

    Posted by David on 5/7/2014, 9:35 am

    I was disappointed to discover no reviews of The Snack Artist line of snacks from Safeway. I consider The Snack Artist Classic Wavy Potato Chip to be among the very best potato chips made. Look at the ingredient list on the bag. Potatoes, Sunflower or Corn Oil, Salt. That is it. Not greasy and slightly thick, it is the most potato-y chip you can buy. Safeway has a entire line of snack products under his name. I am not a shill for Safeway, just a fan of a great chip at a great price. I challenge the staff at Taquitos.net to review these chips.

      Re: The Snack Artist from Safeway

      Posted by Tujunga1985 on 9/2/2014, 4:59 am, in reply to "The Snack Artist from Safeway"

      New upgraded bag colors,same zip bag
      this is for SOur Cream & Onion and Sour Cream&Cheddar

      I feel that they are so much crunchier now, they must have tweaked the fry technique or thinckness, or maybe I got a good batch

      Before the upgraded look, the previous brown bag style labeled Snack Artist chips were not as crunchy as they are now. It had a quiet and Soft Crunch , with not much resistance or crunch noise when eating.

      Now the new yellow bags, I can tell the chip is different. More crunchy!!!, and a Harder Crunch Bite, definitely louder crunch. The chip feels firmer in the mouth and firm fry bubbles.
      So yeah, crunchier now IMO. Will have to see with other batches if their consistent. But overall I love this brand, Not Greasy like Kroger. Very happy with my recent purchase of Sour Cream & Cheddar, same flavor, better crunch, SC&O was good too but not my goto flav.

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