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Contact experienced gardeners around the world to exchange seed of unusual plants!

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Please do not use your local common names, as these vary throughout the world. Use botanical (Latin) names so that people all over the world can be sure what you are offering or looking for.

Be aware that there may be legal restrictions on what is allowed into or out of some countries.
Please make sure that what you intend to do is legal.

Note for US residents: It is now legal to import Small Lots of Seed into the US with a special Permit instead of a Phytosanitary Certificate. If you live in the US, check the USDA website for details of how to get a Permit.
If you are in the US and do not already have a Permit for the import of Small Lots of Seed, you may NOT post here.

Swaps only, please. Sales ads will be removed. Offers to pay for seeds will be removed.

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