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Click Here for Faith ShoesLink to Faith large sizesWorld Mail order up to
US11-12,UK 9-10. Excellent street fashion for guys

Visit for the best shoe sites on the net!!

Our quick fashion guide to regular and large heeled styles on the net follows. If they make it you'll probably find it here.

*Faith *Barratts *Dune *Ninewest *Office *Dolcis *NewLook *Next *Shelleys *Jean-Gaborit *Freemans * *Ernest(Paris) *Nine-elleven *Argos *Great Universal/Kays *M&S *Extra Tall(UK) Check out the links to Womens Footwear: huge choice from around the world. Many frumpy styles, but also heels and everything else: includes most of links shown here

*Payless *Naturaliser *Parade *SteveMadden *Nordstrom *DesignerShoes *NineWest *Soho Shoes
Continue your surfing here:Link to high heels top 50@ the HH Top 50 Sites Index
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