Me too... I finally saw them... they were sooo tiny ..i have BIG hands, and my middle finger is bigger... I feel like i'd need glasses to play with em, and my sight is pretty good... am happy that lil kiddies with tiny hands will have Marvel toys to play with... but not me... the detail looks lame, the quality was poor (lotsa lumps, bumps and bad paint-job). I have over 150 legends, so I reckon I am entitled to feel let down by hasbro...

hard to believe how good ML's started out but now how far they have fallen... I'll be saving my money..

lastly, is it just me... or do the the MU tiny figures seem like they'll be a CHOKING HAZARD to lil kids???

--Previous Message--
: I hope so. I am really irratated with this
: move to little figures. You don't totally
: give up one fan base in order to pursue
: another one. Let's see since Hasbro has
: taken over, the comic book has disappeared,
: the quality ahs gone down hill, the price
: has gone up and now the figures have shrunk.
: What's next? I shudder to think of it.
: --Previous Message--
: I saw them, too. The price of an old Marvel
: Legends and half the height. No thanks for
: me as well.
: --Previous Message--
: well just saw some of the Marvel Universe 3
: 3/4" figures. sorry I wasn't impressed
: and won't be buying any of them, especially
: when I saw the prices (not including sales
: tax): $8.44 at Walmart, $8.99 at K-Mart,
: didn't make it over to ToysRUs yet. Maybe
: if they were priced around $4 I'd be more
: inclined to pick up a Captain America,
: Ironman, and Thor when it comes out to have
: The Big Three, but I'm not dropping $9-10 on
: ONE of them. And here I complained with
: Hasbro took over making the Legends Series
: and jacked the prices to $10+.
: I've an idea the MUs will flop and show up
: at discount chain stores like Big Lots and
: Grocery Outlets at half the current prices
: before the end of the year.
: Not really news...just my Opinion.

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