I have to agree. The longer Marvel is in charge of the line, the less detailed and worse they look. Wish marvel would just give them back to ToyBiz already.

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: holy crap on a stick that is a terrible figure
: all the hasbro female ones havent been great
: hell all hasbros ML's have been substandard
: but WOW.if we ever get em in the uk ill have
: to take a nova and a black bolt tho
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: I had only planned on getting Tigra to add
: to
: my Avengers collection, but WOW she looks
: bad. From the face having a bland
: expression (I was hoping for a little, I
: don't know, emotion, some kind of
: wildness-look) to the arms looking very
: straight lacking any definition, to the legs
: lacking an extra hinge to form kneecaps.
: What's she got, 12 or 13 points of
: articulation total? Doesn't look like it
: will be easy to get her in a cat-like
: pouncing pose. Overall from the pic it
: looks like one of the cheapest made figures
: to come out of the Hasbro ML line. If I see
: one on the shelf and get a closer look maybe
: I'll buy it, otherwise I'll look for a loose
: one on eBay I could probably pick up
: cheaper. I'm not in a hurry to get her now.
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: scroll down the link to see pics of Beast,
: Black Bolt, Tigra, Nova, DareDevil
: (W/varient), and Punisher (w/varient)
: http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stories/0812/10/index.htm

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