Yes, my Sinestro is the same way especially on his shoulder joints. I was at least lucky enough to be able to choose the best of two figures at the store (and in GL's case best of three). The guy who came after me was going to have to settle for a Robin with a black mark on his face. But over all, I gotta say, Mattel's figures seem to be better quality than Hasbro's. But as long as they keep makin' em, I'm a big enough sucker to get buyin' them.

--Previous Message--
: I just got the third series today. While I do
: really like all the characters including
: Solomon, I am disappointed about the
: Sinestro figure. I chose the classic
: version just because I'm nostalgic towards
: the old Superfriends cartoon. To my
: disappointment, once I opened the package, I
: realized that I had just purchased a very
: bad repaint. I have yellow showing through
: on many of the joints, as well as yellow
: around the boots. Furthermore Green Lantern
: has a green streak running through his hair.
: Aside from that, I am very happy with the
: look of the other figures.
: --Previous Message--
: I can't find the figures in stores.
: I prefer not to buy them online. Maybe it's
: time to open a Toy store.
: --Previous Message--
: You're a bit behind on your DC figures, huh.
: I had a heck of a time finding the 2nd wave.
: I had to break down and buy Firestorm and
: Black Manta at a comic shop at a higher
: price.
: Fortunately, I just got the 3rd wave today.
: Very cool. Green Lantern looks great and the
: Solomon Grundy BAF (or C&C) is pretty
: awesome.
: Now I just gotta find some of those Marvel
: Legends two-packs. And the Red Hulk Target
: exclusive figures. And whatever else is
: coming out!
: See ya pals
: --Previous Message--
: for Metamorpho.
: Everyone except the Batman. I couldn't find
: the figure for sometime, now. So, I
: customized a right arm for him.
: I really like the Red Tornado, Orion, and
: Etrigan.
: Have to get out the old Justice League
: videos, now. :-)

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