Toy Biz planned a Quinjet for series 15 that would have seated four figures. It got scrapped because of rising oil costs and is unlikely to be done by Hasbro because of the same reason.

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: That's not a bad idea.
: The Onslaught figure did look like the
: comics version, just not what was built up
: for months and months.
: I thought the hands and feet were all wrong.
: I made an action figure for a customer (who
: reneged but I kept the $0 deposit) using
: Street Fighter Blanka's face, Magneto's
: helmed (duh) Smart Hulk arms and hands,
: Glactus' boots, all the rest 12"
: Wolverine tigertsripe rotocast body. I
: didn't think mucb of itm, buyt my customer
: raved. Didn't pay, buy raved.
: > But, in the end,
: when Onslaught fought the Hulk and Thor and
: the other heroes, he did look like the
: figure, only much larger.
: That Quinjet would work if the Avengers
: could sit in the seats. Make a new Cap,
: Ironman, Black Panther (Jack Kirby version),
: Scarlet Witch (the ML figure STINKS), Thor
: (like series 3, with ball joints) Triathlon,
: Beast (better articulation), Falcon
: (current one, flight harness instead of arm
: attachments, I could make one with Angel's
: flight harness and wings, Falcon's head and
: legs, Black Oanther's arms) and the Quinjet
: collates.
: Triathlon would sell like cable tv. And
: they all fit in their seats. Would anyone
: NOT want a set-up like that? Toy air planes
: just don't work that way. Major Matt Mason
: and his pals all fit into their various
: vehicles, so this would be both a new idea
: and a proven record.
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: What the heck. It wouldn't be any worse
: than
: that horrendous Onslought figure. That
: thing looks nothing like the one in the
: books, and that takes some doing, because it
: was drawn so cartoonishly that it would be
: hard to miss the target. They missed it
: anyway.
: Ultimate Hulk?
: If we have to think for very long about
: this, there probably isn't a figure that
: would be a great incentive. It would be
: nice to have a Galactus that was the right
: size, but they're not going to do that.
: Ultimate Giant Man? I don't know, he isn't
: terribly respected as a character.
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: ...Oneg the Prober. Just because that is
: the funniest name I can think of. lol

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