The Highway to Heaven Tips From Rev. John Fullard!
Super Highway For M.U.S.I.C. 2001


Join My Success Program Today! Now is the time to improve your Gospel Music Ministry! Enjoy the best in Gospel music instruction! We Teach you "HOW TO"......Gain immediate knowledge and wisdom From my tips and suggestions for success.....We Show you How in a disciplined and constructive method.... You can't loose with the method I use....It has worked for thousands over the years for every Gospel Preaching church organization...We specialize in Church of God in Christ Style...Get the Video..Play for your Church...Voted Best Gospel Training Video....We have over 100 videos available for study and learning purposes....PLAY Piano/keyboards is our brand new 2003 video featuring 100 testimony and praise and worship songs, along with chord structure, passing chords, and more....52/7 program will train you how to play and learn new material for readers, play by Ear, classically trained. Minister of Music program will show you how to run your choir more effectively and stop confusion in the music department. Tips from Rev. Fullard many book includes 50 problems every church music department has and how to resolve them. Tips include: How to deal with Church Politics, Effective Communication with the Pastor, How to get Paid for your services without asking to, What do I do if the Pastor don't like me, My musician never shows up on time, The choir singing the same old songs, No communication, I can't stand the Pastor's Wife, Pastor put his son in charge and he can't play....and many more tips that every person should have.....available on computer disk, book, video, CD, Cassette, and other format...So enjoy! Email me at  Lessons go to  For immediate answers and information, call me at 925 833 9379.

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Earn Respect! Increase your power to perform! Study my music method for quick results..925 833 9379

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