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Brock created this lovely banner of QEII who celebrates her 88th birthday on the 21rst.

Welcome to the Glittering Royal Events Message Board! This is a password protected forum where participants can share serious and informative discussions about royal & princely events in the past & the present, as well as events as published on various Royal Websites. The language on this board is English. Please note that offensive messages will lead to the membership being banned.

The Administrator of the GREMB can be contacted for Board-related questions, as well as additions for the GREMB Calendar (to be found at the bottom of this page) are welcome

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The Glittering Royal Events Message Board was launched on the 26th June 2002.

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G R EM B Calendar

7 - 29 April:

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge visit New Zealand & Australia

24 - 28 April:

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and the Prince Consort will pay a State Visit to China

26 April:

The Dutch Royal Family celebrates (for the first time) King's day

29 April:

The Belgian Royal Couple will pay a visit to the Swedish Royals

30 April:

The Belgian Royal Couple will pay a visit to the Norwegian Royals

30 April:

The King of Sweden & his fam. will celebrate his birthday at the Royal Palace/Stockholm

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