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Live and let live - and 'judge not' seem to be good rulesto live by. The egotistical, radio personalities are not good influences on our society. In fact the forces of darkness work through them, especially when they are judgemental, critical, and divisive. Humanity is one huge family. Some of us are very young in life experience, some of us are very old, and most of us are somewhere between those two extremes. A loving older brother/sister does not harshly criticize his younger brothers/sisters for not having yet learned the lessons that he has, nor does he want any children to worship him.

Jesus is with us and soon, everyone will see Him, and some others who like Him, are known as Masters of Wisdom. They will work publicly from the world stage inspiring mankind to see itself as one family and to rebuild the world based upon the principles of sharing, justice, brotherhood and love. "The Kingdom will come, God's Will will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven". No kidding.

The consciousness of the Masters is far more advanced than ours. We are capable of grasping much of what is taking place at one place and point in time. They can grasp everything that is taking place in millions of places at a time simultaneously and perfectly.

Two words best characterize Their attitudes towards all people - "loving understanding".

According to their leader, the world's most pressing problem is that 25,000 people die every day of the week of hunger, while tons of food rots in warehouses. All of that needless suffering has an very negative impact on all of us, since we are all connected. We are all one.

Jesus will reform Christianity, but He won't tell people that is the best religion. Other Masters and Disciples will reform the other major world religions too, and they won't be in competition with each other. Jesus was probably a Hindu and a Buddhist in previous incarnations. Christianity is the only religion that features a devil and an "anti-Christ". So, have faith in Jesus, and no fear of anything or anyone else. The collapse of our corrupt economic system is a major step towards the reappearance of Christ.
An economic system that works for everyone will replace the old one.

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